Calm before a beautiful storm

29 Nov

I’ve been dying to get formal pictures done of Millie.   On  a whim- I went into Portrait Innovations today for a session.   I still can’t believe that my first baby is not going to be my only baby.  Just wanted to do something special for Millie (and myself!) before she has to share some of her limelight!     Before we know it- people will be oohing and ahhing at the new baby and Millie won’t be the center of attention.      It does make me a bit sad- but something makes me think that Millie won’t travel to far out of that center.   She’s has been such a ham lately!    She says “hi” to every passerby, loves to hug other little kids ,  and is just plain goofy most of the time.     She has a way of getting what she wants- sometimes in ways that are not so cute, though.   She is definitely developing a “I want it now” attitude and can be very bossy… apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!      If I had written this post a month ago I’d have probably been a lot more worried than I am now as we are only 2 days from the big day!    I have been a lot more laid back and less worry wart.

So December 1st will be the big day that baby #2 makes her grand entrance.   I’m pretty anxious about having to do a repeat c-section.    Not a very personal way to have a baby but she is breech and with my heart-shaped uterus my Dr.’s say it’s too risky to turn her.  This pregnancy has really been a breeze.     General fatigue has hit me these last several weeks and now have been going through braxton hicks contractions that aren’t so mild- but nothing much to complain about.   I’ve gained less weight than last pregnancy and weigh just as much as I did when I had Millie.  I’m at 199.   Amazing to think that I could ever  weigh this much!  I was 120 back in highschool- look at me now!    So I’m not so proud of it- but that’ll be a chapter I’ll pick up after baby is here, I’ve healed, and we’re back into the swing of things.

Daddy has been working hard the last several months getting the house ready for baby #2.  The nursery is almost finished.   It took awhile, seeing as how the ceiling was reinforced (leaking roof caused ceiling to cave in a different part of the house), new carpet was put in, walls painted, doors sealed, lead paint removed, etc…       All we’re missing are clean sheets and curtains that remain unbought.   We’re getting there!  =0)

So this has been sort of a stream of consciousness thing and I apologize…  but I’ve been so into having everything organized and like so… it feels good to just sit and type whatever comes to mind.  I apologize for not recording more and hope that I’ll pick up when baby comes home.

Last thoughts before I go?

Terrified of the coming surgery- but so excited to meet our new little girl and finally give her a name!



2 Responses to “Calm before a beautiful storm”

  1. Elizabeth December 13, 2010 at 4:19 am #

    My first and last children were c’s as well. My husband kept telling the doc to put my organs back in when he did the very same thing. Funny stuff! Well worded entry. I am super excited to follow your journey!

    • ahammer42 December 13, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

      My husband swore he wouldn’t look- but to my surprise, was way into it! I did see some pictures and have to admit that I was a bit freaked out- probably a good reason why they put up the sheet during surgery.

      And Thank you! I never thought blogging would be so rewarding!

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