A new word!

24 Aug

My mom bought Millie a potty today.    In keeping with our current theme of “frugality” I asked for it as a birthday gift for myself for Millie to use.  Although it would be quite a site to see me sitting on a plastic puppy potty.

Just moments ago I tried putting Millie on it and sang “pee pee on the potty, pee pee on the potty,” a song that I’ve been singing for months now every time Millie see’s me going potty.  I thought maybe this would get her excited about trying herself.  Keeping in mind that she’s only 15 months old, I told myself to relax and just see what happens.  Millie got up halfway into my song and peed on the floor.     “Ewwwww,” she exclaimed as she pointed to the puddle she had just made.   I wouldn’t say this was a total failure- this was the first time I’ve ever heard her say “ewwwww.”    Her growing vocabulary continues to impress me day by day.

We’ll try the potty again in the morning before I put a fresh diaper on Millie.   I will spare my readers, present and future, the details as I’m sure this will be a looooong process which we may just pick up several months down the road.


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