and we’re blogging!

18 Aug

I am a few pages  from finishing up Millie’s baby book, although it’s not exactly “finished.”  I didn’t add photos where it said “add photo of first toothy smile here,” and I didn’t write in all her heights and weights at 1 month intervals.   I wonder if there are moms out there that actually fill everything in and as they happen?    So to avoid awkard blank entries in baby #2’s book I sought to find one that was a simplified version of Millie’s.  No dice.  Then I thought, “how about a scrapbook?”  Nah… too much freedom and I’m not into stickers and scalloped edges.

So here we are in the midst of our family’s first blog entry.

Millie is just over 15 months old and I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with, yes, another little girl.   We are totally blown away by Millie’s spunky ‘tude and big, beautiful, brown eyes and can only wonder what our new little miss will add to the family.   We’ve got 15 weeks to go, so we’ll pick up that storyline later.

At this very moment Jeff has a baby doll stroller on his head and is saying, “I’m going to get you!”  at Millie.   Priceless!

And that wraps up the awkward “intro” entry.


One Response to “and we’re blogging!”

  1. Elizabeth December 13, 2010 at 4:23 am #

    Ha! I bet there are some crazy moms who do. I did not completely for any of them. Shhhhh don’t tell my number 2 I filled in with a bit of guess work A LOT more than 1 or 3. Considering she was my first girl that was a bit sad, yet too true. I began my journaling while pregnant with her though so that’s better anyway.

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